Zimparks Speak As Stray Lions Are Spotted In Kwekwe

Zimparks Speak As Stray Lions Are Spotted In Kwekwe
Zimparks Speak As Stray Lions Are Spotted In Kwekwe. Getty Images

Zimparks Speak As Stray Lions Are Spotted In Kwekwe

As stray lions are spotted in Kwekwe, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) has warned residents to be very careful.

It has been reported that residents of Mbizo and Msasa suburbs in Kwekwe were living in fear after a local man claimed that he heard a lion roaring while working in his fields.

According to a message circulation on social media, the lion is suspected to have escaped from Eye of the Wild which takes care of orphaned or injured wild animals.

Speaking to The Chronicle, Zimparks regional manager, Kwanele Manungo confirmed that they have received the alarm.

She, however, said authorities at Eye of the Wild said their one and only lion was still at the sanctuary.

Manungo said:

As we speak, we are on the ground as we try to track the lion if it’s there. This is after we received calls that a man heard a lion roar while in his fields so we are trying to ascertain if indeed it’s there, but as of now there are no tracks of the said animal. Meanwhile, we urge residents to remain alert and watch their steps.

In other news, a 24-year-old man who was shot outside the Russian Embassy in Harare on Wednesday night is a Zimbabwean soldier who reportedly wanted a gun to fight touts.

It was reported that the man was shot twice on his thigh and armpit after he attempted to wrestle an AK47 rifle from a police officer who was guarding the embassy.

ZimLive reports that the soldier was reportedly involved in a physical confrontation with touts at a taxi rank for Bindura-bound buses on Sam Nujoma Street (formerly Second Street).

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