S.A Based Zimbabwean Man Posts Himself On Facebook With Wife & Small House,Enjoys Lockdown

Zimbabwean Man With Wife & Smallhouse In Bed During Lockdown
Zimbabwean Man With Wife & Smallhouse In Bed During Lockdown A South African based Zimbabwean man, only identified as Martin, has taken his followers by surprise on a giant social media platform, Facebook, after he posted a picture of himself sandwiched by two unidentified women whom he claimed, were his wife and a small house in his post’s caption. A controversial picture, which has since been shared over 5 000 times, has been received with mixed reactions as some of his followers claimed what he did was unethical as they questioned his moral standards, whilst others, who believe in polygamy, received the photo with two hands.
Zimbabwean Man With Wife & Smallhouse During Lockdown
Zimbabwean Man With Wife & Smallhouse In Bed During Lockdown – Martin flanked by his wife (left) & small house (right)
This is very wrong on all levels, what will their kids say ? Remember the internet never forgets, their kids will have to deal with this mess in 30 years to come, trust me this will haunt them, this is wrong on all levels. Besides, this wife does not respect herself, what would she allow this? Anyway, that’s none of my business”, said Lisa in one of the comments.
However, some loyal followers did not find anything wrong about what he did, instead, they gave him a round of applause.
This what a real man should do,I’m quite impressed by the fact that this man does not cheat on wife but he actually made everything formal,can’t you see all of them are happy? Come on guys, this is a dream come true,I would love to do this, by the way, both of them are so beautiful, who wouldn’t mind doing this? As long as everything is transparent guys there is no need to cry foul, these are also adults, by the way, I’m sure they know what they are doing, don’t try to speak for them”, fumed Tafadzwa Ndira.
South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, on Thursday, enforced a nationwide lockdown in an effort to control the Coronavirus which has since claimed the lives of 2 citizens. After a massive backlash by naysayers, from the look of things, the Facebook account which is owned by Martin has since been deactivated. Efforts to contact Martin as this publication was keen to know more about how he is managing to maintain & satisfy the two stunning ladies were fruitless as his phone went unanswered. -Latest Zimbabwe News

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