Zimbabwe National Army Dismiss Allegations That Soldiers Assaulted Villagers In Mberengwa

Zimbabwe National Army Dismiss Allegations That Soldiers Assaulted Villagers In Mberengwa

The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has dismissed allegations that armed soldiers beat up villagers of Humbani, Mberengwa West after thieves broke into the homestead of Local Government Minister July Moyo.

On Monday news circulated that soldiers assaulted villagers in Mberengwa following a break-in at July Moyo’s rural homestead.

However, in a statement, the ZNA Director for Public Relations Colonel Alphios Makotore dismissed the claims and said that  New Zimbabwe.com reporters did not verify the news they published.

Below is the Statement:

Zimbabwe National Army would like to dispel allegations that its members severely assaulted villagers in Humbani area, Mberengwa West, following a break-in at the homestead of local government Minister July Moyo last month.

The false article was published by NewZimbabwe.com whose reporters never sought to verify the facts from the Army authorities or the Police but quoted anonymous sources for their story. The fact of the matter is that the Army does not have any of its soldiers deployed in Mberengwa. The army does not in any way investigate cases of theft and burglary.

The army would like to warn members of the public, especially some of those criminal elements who ply their illegal activities in and around Beitbridge that the law will soon catch up with them.

The security forces authorities are well aware of some malcontents who are trying to besmirch the operation in particular and the good image of the security forces, in general.

Their futile and criminal machinations to discredit the operation will not succeed, he said.

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