ZB Bank CEO Pleads Innocent In Case Of Domestic Abuse

ZB Bank CEO Pleads Innocent In Case Of Domestic Abuse

ZB Bank CEO Pleads Innocent In Case Of Domestic Abuse

The CEO of ZB Bank has pleaded innocent in a case of domestic abuse following a video that went viral on social media. The video allegedly showed the CEO punching and pushing his wife to the ground. The video was recorded by their teenage daughter aged 16 who hid in the bushes helplessly. ZB Bank CEO Ronald Mutandagayi, however, claims that the footage is over two months old and the ‘leaked’ footage doesn’t convey the full story of what really took place on that particular day.

Ronald Mutandagayi went on to issue a statement that reads,

I have noted with regret that there is video footage circulating on social media suggesting that I assaulted my estranged wife. Whilst the circumstances of the event cannot be attributed to me alone, it is important in that regard to put the record straight.

The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incident occurred on 2 January 2021 after three consecutive days of severe assault and harassment on my person. It is surprising that only two months later is when such footage is issued. The bona fides of such action is questionable.

Further, it is regrettable that the video footage only shows a certain portion of the incident obviously meant to sell a certain narrative. Nonetheless, I am mindful of my right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Since the matter is currently pending before the Courts, I shall let the law take its course.


At present moment, ZB Bank CEO Ronald Mutandagayi is currently pending on bail on charges of wife battery.


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