Zanu Pf Responds To Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Agenda For 2021

Zanu Pf Responds To Nelson Chamisa's MDC Agenda For 2021

Zanu Pf Responds To Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Agenda For 2021

Earlier this month, Nelson Chamisa who is President of the MDC Alliance Party finally released the much-awaited address to the nation titled ‘Agenda 2021’. Amongst hopeful tidbits in the speech, what was concerning was the highlight of what Nelson Chamisa seems to consider a ‘dangerous administration’ to the citizens of the country.

The Zanu PF party has rebuked MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa for giving out subtle provocations to unseat an intrinsically chose government through his Agenda 2021 location on Tuesday.

Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo briefed the country during a press conference in Harare this Friday that Zimbabweans have had enough of such threats, thus it is important for citizens to withhold and cherish democracy.

Ambassador Simon Kaya Moyo said the following,

“The people of Zimbabwe have had enough of this childish rambling from a party clearly running short of oxygen. Zanu PF and its leadership have no agenda whatsoever to decimate any opposition political party,” he said.

He added, “We cherish democracy as born out of a protected liberation struggle. we freed our people from the shackles of colonialism and settler regime, with freedom and inde in 1980.”

Ambassador Moyo said the MDC Alliance leader is seeking relevance in the wake of a mass exodus of key members from his party.

“Zanu PF is however aware that Mr. Chamisa is under pressure to seek relevance in the face of the mass exodus of key members from his party, who have defected to the revolutionary party. This is not our problem, but his, and we shall continue to welcome all those who have elected to return to Zanu PF, the people’s party.”

Claims that elections are deliberately being delayed and being masked by ongoing revisions of covid 19 regulations were also refuted by Zanu Pf.


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