“You Have Zero Talent” : Jackie Ngarande Catches Smoke After Defending Madam Boss

Jackie Ngarande

“You Have Zero Talent” : Jackie Ngarande Catches Smoke After Defending Madam Boss

A Facebook user has attacked socialite Jackie Ngarande after telling her that she has nothing of her own and neither does she have any talent.

It all started when fellow artist Amai Chaurura took to her Facebook page and questioned if Madam Boss, real name Tyra Chikocho, was really involved in a car accident last Saturday or it was staged.

Jackie Ngarande responded to the post suggesting that Mai Chaurura should not have posted what she said and urged her to visit Madam Boss to get answers to her questions.

In her post, Ngarande spoke about Mai Chaurura’s son Batsirai Shasha whom she said he is not good at singing.

"You Have Nothing Of Your Own" : Jackie Ngarande Catches Smoke After Defending Madam Boss
“You Have Zero Talent ” : Jackie Ngarande Catches Smoke After Defending Madam Boss. Image Credit: Facebook

Responding to the post, a Facebook user Tafadzwa Madhongo wrote:

“Iwewe Jackie Ngarande Official What’s your claim to FAME?

What exactly do you do besides riding on the coat-tails of famous rich people. What’s your proof of work ?

You can’t be out here dissing and poking fun at other kids and calling them “talentless”, when you have ZERO TALENT yourself.

You yourself, got into the limelight through proxy ,everyone knew you as Pokellos friend and that’s how you have stayed relevant. Should you also Be cancelled or called Out for Zero talent and for acquiring fame through proxy ?

Don’t throw Stones , when your house is Glass, tempered glass at that!

Leave the young Man who is trying to irk out a living. He never did no wrong but y’all’s are coming for Him.

Batsirai Shasha pamberi nemusic mafanha At least you are not holding anyone’s nethers for a living !!”

Last Saturday, Madam Boss was involved in a car accident. According to social media reports, the socialite was on her way to Kadoma where she was expected to host the Jah Prayzah -Makhadzi show later in the evening.

The accident happened just after the Norton tollgate along Bulawayo road.

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