“Yes I Had Waist Beads But They Are Not About Juju: Small House Denies Juju Claims.

“Yes I had waist beads but they are not about juju: small house denies juju claims:

The woman who is at the core of a domestic dispute Chipo Dailes who was reported to have been beaten up last week at Eastgate shopping mall has denied allegations that she uses her waist beads to lure married men.

Chipo Dailes, 33, who was assaulted by Brenda Tsuro, 37, last week over claims that she was dating the latter’s husband has since denied the allegations and says they once dated but broke up.

“Yes I dated her man, Trisha Tsuro (39), but only because I thought he was single. I only found out he was married when she confronted me in January and then I broke up with him,” said Chipo.

In the fight last week, Brenda took Chipo’s weave and waist beads and she claimed Chipo has been asking for her waist beads because she uses juju but Chipo refuted the claims.

“She thinks everything I am doing is from her husband but I opened my own shop and I sell cosmetics and earn my own living,” said Chipo.

According to a local publication, H-Metro, Chipo was left bleeding after Brenda bit her on the cheek and she lodged a police report at Harare Central police where she was given a request for a medical report.

“Akuti akashaya murume, she attacks me. I was at a funeral paakuti her husband was with me.

“I think she should just leave me alone. I have nothing to do with her husband

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