Woman Abandons Child At Neighbor’s House, Child Dies Few Days After

Vimbai Chamaunga( Photo Credit Zimetro)

Woman Abandons Child At Neighbor’s House, Child Dies Few Days After:

In a very weird update, a woman named Vimbai Chamaunga of Goromonzi South was caught up in a dilemma and was left tongue-tied after her neighbour’s child died in her care.

It is reported that Chamaunga was approached by her neighbour Wasu, who is in her late twenties, to look after her one-and-a-half-year-old baby as she travelled to Mutare.

Wasu promised to return in four days but failed to do so. During that period, Chamaunga noticed that her neighbour’s child was unwell and tried to contact the mother, but she was not reachable.

“I noticed the pain Ady was in and looked for baby cards from his uncle who later accompanied me to the clinic:’
Chamaunga said.

“Nurses administered malnutrition treatment to the baby and ordered us to come for a check-up after a week.”

The child’s situation deteriorated before the week the nurses had noted. Chamaunga decided to return to the clinic.

Vimbai Chamaunga( Photo Credit Zimetro)

Sadly, on her way there, the baby died, but she did not notice.

“I felt like someone had stabbed me as nurses pronounced the child dead and told us to make a police report,” Chamaunga narrated.

At Ruwa Police Station, efforts to secure transport to Parirenyatwa for a post-mortem and further arrangements to locate the mother proved fruitless.

Inspector Charles Vachivi said in some cases, stations borrow cars from sister stations when the need arises. But, in this case Mabvuku Police Station’s vehicles were not available.

Sadly, due to economic hardships, the uncle could not afford transport to the hospital. The police told them to take the corpse and continue looking for transport.

“This was my worst experience ever. I had to carry a corpse covered with a towel only; let alone someone’s child:’ Chamaunga said.

Neighbours gave praise to Chamaunga for such love and care for someone’s child. They, however, alleged that the child could have died as a result of abuse and negligence by the biological mother.

A neighbour who preferred anonymity alleged that Wasu ill-treated her own baby and at some point reportedly administered beer to put the baby to sleep.

When contacted for comment, Wasu denied all the allegations. She said she was not aware that her child was sick.

Neighbours alleged that she had the baby out of wedlock and the whereabouts of the father was not known as the mother gave different statements.

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