Wife Lashes Out At Husband’s Side Chick Over STI Infection

Wife Lashes Out At Husband's Side Chick Over STI Infection

Wife Lashes Out At Husband’s Side Chick Over STI Infection

In a case of bitterness, a woman pummeled her ex-hubby’s sweetheart in an STI disease scuffle. As per Owen, he and his significant other split up after years of trying to save their marriage. The divorced couple shares one child together. However, it appears Sikhululekile, whose name literally translates to ‘find peace and be set free and unfortunately for her –  she has failed to make peace with her ex-husband moving on.

The husband’s new lover who was purportedly tainted with an STD by the ex-wife was beaten to a pulp after they were found seated together cuddling in a lounge.

According to the husband named Owen, Sikhululekile would supposedly telephone him in the dead of the evening and yell at him. As though that was not enough she would go further to send distasteful and vulgar messages to his new partner.

And to add more petrol to the fire, Sikhululekile paid her ex-husband a surprise visit and found him in the company of his new lover.

It is reported that she went wild and beat them while blaming Owen for tainting her with an STI. Owen had to make a swift escape to West Commonage Court and filed for a protection order against his ex. Owen told the court that his ex had a propensity for ambushing and beating him along with his female friends.

“I am applying for a protection order against Sikhululekile Moyo who is my ex-wife. She harasses me and usually phones me during the dead of the night and insults me. When she meets me walking in the company of a female she would beat her or insult her. She also comes to my workplace and accuses me of not contributing to the upkeep of the child,” the frightened husband lamented.


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