Weird Family Setup, Woman Kills Hubby Over Ex-Hubby’s Death Certificate

Weird Family Setup, Woman Kills Hubby Over Ex-Hubby’s Death Certificate:

In yet another weird family setup update, a woman was sharing her husband with her daughter was arrested for killing her husband in his sleep.

On 19 November 2020, the woman had a misunderstanding with her husband. According to ZRP Mutawatawa the 40-year-old woman who was identified as Merjury Murwira was arrested for murdering her husband Taruvinga Muhwati who was also husband to her daughter Prudence Muchemwa.

It is reported that Murwira had a fight with her husband over the death certificate of her former husband.

The deceased was of the view that Murwira should take back the death certificates and other documents to the former in-laws.

This did not sit well with the accused. During this argument, Muchemwa is said to have joined and assaulted her mother

“On the same date at around 8 pm, the trio retired to bed in the same hut.

“At around 2300 hours, the accused person woke up and picked an axe. She struck the now deceased once on the left side of the chin and once on the right jaw. She further struck her daughter with whom she shared the husband once on the right side of the head and once on the right arm,” police said.

Murwira is said to have run away and left her eleven-month-old baby. Her daughter then went to the neighbour and reported the matter, the neighbour who then accompanied her to the scene where they observed that Muhwati had died.

The accused was however arrested on the 20th of October at around 1300hrs

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