Watch: Woman Claims To Be Possessed By Ginimbi’s Demon

Watch: Woman Claims To Be Possessed By Ginimbi’s Demon

In yet another shocking update, a video has gone viral on all social media platforms of a woman who claimed to be possessed by the late socialite and businessman Ginimbi’s demon.

The unidentified woman has got the whole of Zimbabwe talking. The woman was heard manifesting in church whilst being prayed for.

In the video, the woman claims to have been possessed by Ginimbi’s demon. She claims the demon-possessed her after making researches about Ginimb on the internet

Watch the video below of a woman claims to be possessed by Ginimbi’s demons:


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People could not ignore this craziness, comments were made on Instagram and here are some of the comments

“I think it’s high time we actually ban these Pentecostal churches muZimbabwe, because senyika haana zvaarikutibatsira asi kuwedzera confusion, preying on the vulnerable nekudyanana bag🤦🏾‍♀️just my opinion!”

Honestly, I’m really not a skeptical critical person but this exorcism should be banned, in Zim…I’m tired of people appropriating the bible like.”

“Ah ririkubuda rinhi drama iri.”

“Just join drama classes and improve. This is nonsense.”

“Let his SOUL rest in peace, izvi zvakanyanya.”

“Boss G vaisataura chirungu che type iyoyo dai ati”my guy” zvaigona kumaker sense vanhu vane mafunnies hanti.

It’s been exactly 16days since Ginimbi passed on after his Rolls-Royce Wraith collided head-on with a Honda Fit while on his way to Domboshava after a night of partying at his Dreams Night Club in Harare.

He died together with Malawian Limumba Karim, fitness bunny and video vixen Michelle “Mimie Moana” Amuli, and Mozambican model and socialite Alichia Adams.

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