Village Head Takes Advantage OF Less Privileged Families, Forces Them To Surrender Cash Donations From NGO

Village Head Takes Advantage OF Less Privileged Families-Forces Them To Surrender Cash Donations From NGO:

In a sad development, A Buhera Village head forces under Chief Nyashanu has allegedly been taking advantage of the less privileged families that received financial aid from World Vision to surrender half the money and share it with people of his choice.

Those who refused to share the money are being threatened with eviction from the village while others were fined three goats each.

According to Masvingo Mirror, Ward 21 Councillor Tavapa Mukambirwa confirmed the case and said that he advised the affected villagers to report the matter to the Police.

Commenting on the issue, World Vision Communications manager Shamiso Matambanadzo said the organisation does not have control over the matter as it is outside their jurisdiction.

“The matter is outside our jurisdiction. We did our processes diligently, so we do not have control over what the beneficiaries do after receiving our assistance. Those are social matters,” said Matambanadzo.

Sources around the village confirmed that there were seven disadvantaged families in the village that were receiving cash transfers.

The money was given in 2018 under World Vision’s Lean Season Assistance – cash-based transfer program.
Mubetswa ordered the families to share the money with villagers who were not on the beneficiaries list and this he was doing outside the arrangement that the families had with the NGO.

All the seven families refused to take the order but Mubetswa has punished them by ensuring that they are isolated from any programme in the village including benefitting from Government Inputs Scheme and social welfare food. They are also barred from participating at funerals.

Four of the families have since been fined three goats each by Mubetswa.

One of the villagers identified as Betty Chigeda said that they reported the matter at Muzokomba ZRP as advised by the councillor but Police did nothing.

Manicaland Deputy Police spokesperson Inspector Luxson Chananda said he has to confirm with the police at Muzokomba ZRP.

“We are living as outcasts in the village. We are excluded from all Government programs. The village head told us that we are no longer part of the village and our village head is World Vision which gave us money,
“We sought intervention from the councillor but he advised us to report the matter to the Police which we did and the Police said we should report to World Vision,” said Chigeda.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) Regional Manager for Manicaland Province Peggy Tawagadza condemned the move by the village head saying it should not be happening in a democratic society.

“That is unfair, unjust and unreasonable. It should not be happening in a democratic society,” said Tawagadza.

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