Victoria Falls Prophet Uses Only Whatsapp Picture, Name & Surname To Diagnose & Cure Problems

Victoria Falls Prophet Uses Only Whatsapp Picture, Name & Surname To Diagnose & Cure Problems

Just when you thought you have seen it all, a Victoria Falls-based Prophet making headlines for his ability to “diagnose” and minister to people over WhatsApp.

According to the Chronicle Vundla is registered as a prophet through the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe and is in the process of also registering with Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha).

The prophet has made waves after he took his healing business to social media platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp were he attends to those seeking “divine intervention”

He operates from Chinotimba suburb as well as his rural home in Sizinda about 15km from the resort town where he has built a homestead.

“I started as a prophet but a vision from my ancestral spirits appeared to me instructing me to also use herbs. This is different from traditional healing or inyanga. When a person comes to consult, I pray for them and if the solution needs traditional herbs I prescribe and administer them the same way I do with anointed water and iziwasho (concoctions used by prophets). Thwasa Lodumo doesn’t mean I am an inyanga, it’s just a trade name for people to identify me. All it means is that I use both traditional herbs and prophecy.

“One can send his or her name and surname or picture on WhatsApp and I use the information to establish their problems. I then explain my findings to the client and if he or she is happy that’s when I prescribe a solution. I use Facebook to do live prophecy and link up with clients but then revert to WhatsApp platform for consultation for purposes of privacy,” he said.

Vundla says social media has kept him busy during the Covid-19 lockdown.

“I started attending to clients online even before the outbreak of Covid-19 as I considered the distance that people have to travel for consultation. Before lockdown I would have about 40 clients coming to consult and that has gone down to about 30 per day. On social media I attend to an average of 70 people per day. I have drawn a timetable of days when I attend to people on Facebook and WhatsApp platforms and physical consultation.

“It works as long as the client follows instructions as explained. The challenge sometimes is network and data but I make sure I have enough data to be reachable all the time,” said Mr Vundla.

He also reported have ministered to people outside Zimbabwe and also said he has received worldwide invitations to countries such as Botswana, Germany, South Africa, Swaziland and Zambia.

Victoria Falls Prophet Uses Only Whatsapp Picture, Name & Surname To Diagnose & Cure Problems (Photo Credit iHarare)

He said he should have gone to the UK had it not been for the lockdown.

“I have clients all over the world and these comprise Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and some foreigners who are mostly referred by those I have assisted before. So far I haven’t had complaints from any of my clients but have many who come back to express their gratitude,” he said.

Vundla says he uses isiwasho and some herbs to treat backaches, continuous hemorrhage, some sexually transmitted infections, sore feet, cancer of the stomach and some specific rashes as well as ukuxotsha umnyama and ithunzi, for inhlanhla (luck), ukugabha (gaggling), isichitha and to boost sexual performance.

For those outside the country, he says he packages the herbs and sends them via courier services.

The young prophet also said that he does not change anything for his services. Despite this, however, he has done well for himself, due to the benevolence of his satisfied clients.

I get herbs locally but also travel to other parts of the country. That is when I ask a client to contribute towards transport fares so I can travel to get them the herbs. I had nothing when I started in 2014 but now I have built a nice home and bought cars from the benevolence of my clients. I have never been employed anywhere and at the same time, I have never clashed with any of my clients. I say this because I am grateful for the support they give me,” he said.

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