Urgent Call To Open Ekusileni Medical Centre As Covid-19 Treatment Centre-UBH Run Out Of Oxygen

Urgent Call To Open Ekusileni Medical Centre As Covid-19 Treatment Centre-UBH Run Out Of Oxygen:

In a tragic and rather shocking development in a time when the country battles to contain a deadly Covid-19 second wave that has so far claimed more than 500 lives in January reports suggest that United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) has run out of Oxygen.

It is reported that UBH which is now the only remaining Covid-19 treatment centre in Matabeleland after Thorngrove Infectious Diseases Hospital recently stopped accepting patients, is battling to acquire oxygen.

The hospital’s acting CEO Dr. Narcicious Dzvanga confirmed the development on Thursday saying:

Our major crisis at the moment is oxygen. BOC Zimbabwe Gases which supplies us is having to outsource, they’re facing all sorts of problems with ZESA

We have a bulk tank that can take 10,000kg, but they came on Saturday and gave us 4,000kg which is already finished. Covid is about oxygen. No oxygen when you need it, count yourself dead. Once you are that sick to require hospitalisation, the therapy for Covid is oxygen and if it’s not there, say your prayers and have your last meal.

UBH which has a capacity of 150 beds for Covid-19 patients, currently has 22 patients admitted of which some of them are dependent on oxygen to stay alive.

Dr. Narcicious Dzvanga said the opening of Ekusileni Medical Centre in Hillside as another Covid-19 treatment centre was now an urgent priority as it would ease the burden on UBH.

What’s paining us at the moment is that our core partners in fighting the virus, nothing is happening there. We were asked to groom Ekusileni, we have nurses and doctors on our books ready to go there but nothing is happening.

The reason I’m saying this is to let you know that the principal centre for Covid-19 in Bulawayo is UBH. I’m begging you to redirect your efforts and make sure that the resources are going to a place that is managing Covid, instead of facilities which are planning to manage it because the upsurge is already here. You just have to look at the statistics, he said.

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