Update On The Chipinge School Which Was Closed Due To Satanism

Update On The Chipinge School Which Was Closed Due To Satanism

In an update from Chipinge school which was closed due to satanism, two teachers, a male and a female have been transferred from Chimana Secondary School under Chief Mapungwana.

The names of the two teachers have been withheld for identity protection and there has been an indication that the third teacher might be transferred anytime soon.

According to Masvingo Mirror, Chipinge District Schools Inspector (DSI) Richard Gabaza refused to comment on the transfers but confirmed that investigations on the matter are underway. He said that the school is reopening gradually as parents, teachers and traditional leaders co-operate with sangomas.

The School Development Committee (SDC) chairperson, Tafara Sithole however confirmed the news on the transfers and said that they were affected last Thursday. Yesterday parents held a meeting in a bid to raise money for traditional healers who are exorcising the school.

The school was closed following reports that pupils were seeing snakes in the classrooms and they would collapse and experience blackouts after that. A female teacher at the school died last yesterday and her death was attributed to Satanism.

One source who declined to be named said that the teachers requested the transfers while other sources said the transfers were made under pressure from the community. The teachers were transferred to Manzvire and Musane secondary schools respectively.

An initial report from traditional healers said that Satanism in the school was being caused by some teachers who in turn initiated 15 pupils into the practice.

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