Update On Chitungwiza Airtime Murder: Relatives Demand US$2000 To Clean Deceased’s Blood

Chitungwiza Airtime Murder

Update On Chitungwiza Airtime Murder: Relatives Demand US$2000 To Clean Deceased’s Blood:

In an update from the incident that occurred in Chitungwiza of a stepfather who murdered an 11-year old over wrong airtime denomination, relatives have demanded US$ 2000 so as to clean the deceased’s blood from the house.

The now deceased, Strive Madamombe was reportedly hit by a hammer to death by his stepfather for buying $50 airtime instead of $20 in Zengeza 2 suburb of Chitungwiza.

His family has however demanded US$2000 from the accused stepfather Owen Nyamukachi for them to remove their son’s blood and this is according to the African customs which stipulate that the blood of a murdered person can only be cleaned by a relative.

The Late Strive Madamombe (Photo Credit H-Metro)


In an interview with the H-Metro Chindomu, the deceased’s mother reported that the late boy’s memorial service will only be conducted after Nyamukachi family settle issues with Madamombe family.

“The house was locked and I am staying at my brother’s house since the Madamombe family is yet to settle their issues with Nyamukachi family on the cleansing of the house,” said Chindomu.

“Memorial service for my son will only be conducted upon the finalisation of the two families’ issues on removing of the blood from the house,” she said.

Nyamukachi family spokesperson Tiny Nyamukachi, 44, said they were meeting every week as a family to collect money in order to settle Madamombe demands.

“As Nyamukachi family, the blood of the boy murdered by our relative has already started to haunt us and we are now breathing fire due to the demands of the late boy’s parents,” said Nyamukachi.

“We are meeting every day to collect money demanded by Madamombe family so as to remove blood clots in the house.

“The community which used to rely on the clean water from the house has been robbed as well since the house was locked from the day of the incident.

“Chindomu was married in the Madamombe family before our brother Owen Nyamukachi married her.

“Chindomu arikutaura mashoko akaipa kumhuri yekwa Madamombe senzira yekuti varwadziwe vobva vaomesera mhuri yekwa Nyamukachi.

“There is nothing we can do nekuti chakupa chironda chati nhunzi dzikudye asi chikumbiro chedu change chiri chekuti dai vabvisa ropa remwana mumba vanhu vawana magariro; iye zvino maroja aripo haachagara zvakanaka,” said Nyamukachi.

Madamombe family representative could not be reached for comment.

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