Update: Chitungwiza Boy Seriously Injured By Fire Cracker Recovering

Recovering ( photo credit H-Metro)

Update: Chitungwiza Boy Seriously Injured By Fire Cracker Recovering

In an update from the tragic incident which nearly claimed the life of a young teenager, his mother has commended teachers and doctors following her visit to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals on Monday where her son is admitted.

Rudo Munhungaupi was satisfied with how his son Godfrey Munhungaupi managed to communicate with her through writing on paper.

“My phone is inundated with calls from local and foreign people who saw photographs of my child on social media,” said Rudo.

“Parirenyatwa medical doctors are attending to Godfrey very well and I am pleased with his quick response to treatment.

“I want to thank teachers as well because had it not been for his literacy I would not be communicating with him.

“Makaona zvakaitwa muromo wake asi ndawana mukana wekutaura naye achinyora zvaarikunzwa uye zvaarikuda.

“I would also like to thank Zimbabweans (local and abroad) who are helping us in cash and kind. “Sunday ndiyo yatakatambura kupfuura pama check points nekushaya tsamba takazopona ne kuratidza mazino emwana akadonha kupolice ndokuzotitendera kupfuura,” said Rudo.

Godfrey Munhungaupi Recovering in hospital ( photo credit H-Metro)

Godfrey got injured when he connected firecrackers to a solar panel and tested electrical voltage with his tongue on Friday.

The boy’s mother Rudo Munhungaupi and other family members were not sure of what had happened although they suspected a firecracker accident.

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