Tytan’s ex-Girlfriend Mocks His Manhood On Social Media

Tytan’s ex-Girlfriend Mocks His Manhood On Social Media:

The streets of social media are not so easy to tramp on, they demand those with a strong heart and good medical Aid to cater for stress bills. As we are still digesting the Bev and Misred saga, we are in for another treat again. Tytan’s ex-girlfriend fired shots on his manhood.

Ba Nandi, who is enjoying his love life with Olinda as the couple reunited at the end of 2020 after a rocky year has been attacked by his ex-girlfriend, who goes by the name Njuzu, on social media.

Njuzu was asked by one of her fans if she had missed Tyatn since they once dated and her response fired shoots on Tyatn as she mocked Tyatan’s manhood to be small.

The question was, “Unomboisuwa here yaBaba Nandi”

In her reply she said:

“Kadora Here”

Tytan’s Girlfriend Mocks His Manhood On Social Media (Photo Credit ZiMetro)

Just a few days ago the streets of social media were blazing after Missred had picked on Bev. The story did not end well even after Missred apologised, Bev continued firing on her.

Just yesterday Peter Moyo was on Ginimbi’s sister Nelia Kadungure, body shaming her on a picture that was posted with Jah Prayzer. The fans were on his neck and he didn’t win the battle.

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