Two People Injured In A School Bus Accident

People Injured School Bus Accident

Two People Injured In A School Bus Accident:

In a tragic turn of events, two people a driver and a pupil were injured yesterday afternoon when an Inter Africa bus ferrying pupils back to school rammed into the back of a haulage truck at Boterekwa, a few kilometres from Shurugwi town.

The bus was reported to have been carrying Pakame High School pupils who were going back for school for their 1st term.

In a report by the Herald, National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the accident.

“The accident occurred around 1 pm today (yesterday) at Boterekwa in Shurugwi. The Inter Africa bus was following behind a truck and its brakes failed.

“The bus then smashed at the back of the truck, resulting in two people — the driver and a student — being injured,” he said.

Asst Comm Nyathi appealed to motorists to always exercise extreme caution on the road.

“Drivers should always be cautious, especially when driving on the roads like the one at Boterekwa. There is need for caution.”

The injured were taken to Shurugwi District Hospital.

The driver, whose address shows he lives in Harare, suffered a fractured left knee, while the pupil, whose address indicates he lives in Kadoma, sustained a minor knee bruise.

Both were reported to be in a stable condition.

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