Truck Runs Over 16yr Old Boy Who Was Fixing Potholes

Truck Runs Over 16yr Old Boy Who Was Fixing Potholes

Truck Runs Over 16yr Old Boy Who Was Fixing Potholes

A 16-year-old boy from Lupane was mashed to death on the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls interstate close to Cross Jotsholo when a haulage truck ran over him while he was filling potholes along that road.

The mishap happened on Friday and when the truck was going towards Bulawayo conveying coal. Simelebona Bongani Ndebele from Gumede town under Chief Mabhikwa was herding cows with many young men when they have supposedly begun filling potholes with soil.

This comes as drivers have communicated disdain at the condition of the potholed road as commuting along it has become the stuff of nightmares.

Simelebona, a Form Two student at Mlamuli Secondary School, and other pupils had supposedly volunteered to restore a part of the street close to their town by covering potholes with soil.

The deceased boy’s uncle Mr. Sibangani Ngwenya said the family was left heartbroken

“We are heartbroken as a family. He was herding cattle with other boys when he was hit by a vehicle.

Motorists have created side roads to avoid potholes and the boys who were with him said the truck was driving off the road when it hit him,” lamented Mr Ngwenya.

He said the boy’s body was dragged for 30 mteres after being ran over. Thereafter, police arrived and took the boy’s body to St Luke’s Hospital.

Mr Godfrey Dube who is the MP of of Hwange West was the first to arrive on the scene of the accident. He had the following to say,

“The driver said he only saw the boy at a close range and could not apply brakes. The boy had been filling potholes with others and he wanted to cross the road to pick up a harrow on the other side when he was hit.

Government should prioritise the rehabilitation of the Bulawayo-Victoria Falls Road which is a very busy road. If the potholes were not there the boy wouldn’t have died. This is a highway which leads to our tourism capital and these villagers are good Samaritans who are filling potholes not for money but just to help motorists.

“Government should assist the bereaved family considering the boy was killed while helping to fill the potholes.”

Further investigations are still pending.


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