Truck Drivers Making Use Of Fake Covid-19 Clearance Certificates

Truck Drivers Making Use Of Fake Covid-19 Clearance Certificates

Truck Drivers Making Use Of Fake Covid-19 Clearance Certificates

A number of haulage transporters going through Forbes Border Post are clearance channels at the Mutare Dry Port and utilizing counterfeit Covid-19 testaments, accordingly putting the existences of the people they come in contact with in danger of getting the exceptionally infectious disease.

Examinations directed by The Manica Post this week uncovered that the transporters are getting funds for PCR Covid-19 tests from their respective employers, however, they are misusing the funds to purchase counterfeit declarations.

PCR tests range from US$25 to US$60, prices differ from one center to another.

Those conscious of the underhand dealings said the deceitful service providers are handing over the phony PCR Covid-19 certificates are charging somewhere in the range of US$10 and US$30, contingent upon how dire it is needed by the ‘customer’.

A year ago, the Government gazetted Statutory Instrument 216 (2020) that explains guidelines for travelers entering or leaving Zimbabwe.

Each voyager is required to have a PCR Covid-19 test showing a negative outcome and conducted by a recognized laboratory within 48 hours prior to leaving the country by road or flight.

Presently in the most recent turn of events and to evade investigation of the Covid-19 clearance certificates, the drivers holding the certificates are purposely causing havoc and blockage at Forbes Border Post.

The truckers are expected to pass through the Mutare Dry Port for clearance.

Notwithstanding, they stand by until cops monitoring the barrier close to Mutare Dry Port leave around 8 pm to drive directly to the line and park their vehicles among cleared trucks.

In many instances, the trucks’ queue at the border post can range for more than five kilometers, thereby making it an almost accomplishable task for a dishonest trucker to be moved out of the queue to return to Mutare Dry Port when he or she is identified.

Rather than delivering authentic Covid-19 certificates as legally necessary, truck drivers are in any event, creating manually written, examined, or copied reports.

Specialists say a few drivers, particularly those from adjoining Zambia, just produce marked letters with no standardized identifications for migration officials to check their validness. Division of Immigration Control’s Eastern Region Immigration Officer, Mr. Richard Tambandini, this week affirmed that various foreign and local truck drivers are utilizing counterfeit Covid-19 certificates.


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