Tragedy In Buhera South As 17-Year-Old Boy Kills Three Senior Citizens

Tragedy In Buhera South As 17-Year-Old Boy Kills Three Senior Citizens:

Villagers in Muchini area of Buhera South were left in a state of shock after a 17-year-old boy confessed to having killed three senior citizens.

The boy murdered 3 senior citizens in cold blood. the senior citizens one aged 86, his wife aged 74 and her 80-year-old sister. The three were murdered at around midnight on Thursday by the teenager from the same village.

In his confession statement, the accused boy said,

“I arrived at 11 pm from a bar intending to kill them because they killed my parents when I was still young.”

He also mentioned that he had no intentions of killing everyone who was in the house except for the old man and that he doesn’t know what drove him to kill the old man’s wife.

” I only wanted to kill the man because his wife actually liked me a lot and I don’t know why I killed her'” he said

Cde Joseph Chinotimba who is the Buhera South Legislator and also a relative of the deceased said they are still in shock and they are yet to come to terms with the loss of the three family members

” We are shocked as a family because we can’t even begin to think of what could have gone wrong to this extent of killing three people, especially for a boy as young as 17,” he said

According to the Herald, Police officer commanding Chipinge District Chief Superintendent Kennedy Nyaumwe confirmed the incident saying investigations were underway.

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