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Tokoloshi Threatens Elderly Couple’s Marriage

Tokoloshi Threatens Elderly Couple’s Marriage:

In a bizarre development, the Sachiota’s marriage is on a cliff as two goblins are allegedly fighting for supremacy over their household.

Gogo Margaret Sachiota and Sekuru Sachiota’s marriage shacking after one of the jealous goblins in the family threatened to tear their marriage apart.

On the other hand,  Sekuru Sachiota who also has a goblin said his goblin that has been passed from generation to generation in his family is harmless.

Three of the couple’s children are already mentally challenged, with Gogo’s goblin warning that all will lose their marbles if it doesn’t get its “wife”, that is Gogo Sachiota, back.

The family goblin is reportedly claiming responsibility for the family’s misfortune but Sekuru Chaota believes that it is harmless.

Tokoloshi Threatens Elderly Couple’s Marriage: Gogo Sachiota (photo credit Manica Post)

According to an interview with Manica Post, Sekuru Sachiota revealed that when he was growing up, his father always told him never to acquire any goblins. He advised him that the family goblin acquired from his grandfather was enough.

He states that, to this day, he only has one goblin. He said the goblin he inherited never caused any problems with his first wife and children, and that’s why he is convinced that his wife’s goblin is the trouble-causer.

The matter has since been heard before Chief Saunyama’s court after Gogo Sachiota pleaded for the traditional leader’s intervention in convincing her husband to seek spiritual help for the children.

However, Sekuru Chaota said the family consulted a Nyanga traditional healer, Sekuru Shingirayi Mukotsanjera, who told them that while his family has its own generational goblin wreaking havoc, another goblin is jealous of their union. Sekuru Mukotsanjera blamed the couple’s marital problems on the jealous goblin.

Chief Saunyama adjourned the matter to 16 April to allow the couple and their parents to visit Sekuru Mukotsanjera’s shrine together.

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