Three teenagers make use of $ 5 note to rape 7-year-old

Three men On The Run

Three teenagers make use of $ 5 note to rape 7-year-old:

Kwekwe residents were left in shock after three teenagers were reported to have lured a 7-year-old girl with a $5 note before taking turns to rape the helpless minor.

The teenagers whose names were not disclosed are aged 18,16 and 15. The oldest among the team has been arrested while the other 2 are still on the run.

The arrested culprit was brought before Kwekwe Magistrate Mrs Sheryl Tembo facing rape charges and was granted $2000 bail. His hearing was set for December 3, 2020.

According to the state let by Ms Yeukai Mugumba recorded that at a date not mentioned but between September and October 2020, the three teenagers were at their Old flat in Westend Suburb in Kwekwe, while the complainant was playing with her friends when she was called by one of the accused.

They then told her to remove her clothes in and exchange for a $5 note. The complainant removed her clothes and the accused went on to rape the juvenile.

The juvenile was then given the promised $5 note in an attempt to silence her. The act is reported to have happened on several occasions from September to October.

The matter only came to be known when the juvenile reported the act to their father, who then reported the case at Amaven police station leading to the arrest one of the accused.

According to the Chronicle, a medical report presented in court showed that the juvenile has been facing multiple episodes of sexual assault

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