Three Harare Police Officers Involved In Illicit Deals

Three Harare Police Officers Involved In Illicit Deals.

In an update from Nyanga, three  Harare police officers were reported to have been involved in a series of robberies that occurred in Nyanga where they allegedly robbed and assaulted several people involved in the timber business.

The matter came to light in an internal memo which was addressed to the Officer Commanding Manicaland province that. The memo contained a list of police officers who have been fingered in the crimes committed in Nyanga and these are:

  1. Constable Tatenda Ndlovu stationed at ZRP Harare Central Business Centre Traffic
  2. Constable Listen Sibanda stationed at ZRP Harare Central Business Centre Traffic
  3. Constable Tariro Rangarirai of Harare Central Police Station.
  4. Forget Madzitire who is in the business of selling timber
  5. Nhamo Nyamutowa, who are into the business of selling timber
  6. Never Nyarumba who is unemployed.
  7. The memo detailing the cops’ alleged crime from Officer Commanding Manicaland province, Commissioner Wiklef Makamache reads:

It is reported that complainant one, three and four and accused number four were all in partnership with a timber business from the first week of March. On March 23, the four proceeded to Harare with processed timber for sale.

On March 26 after selling their timber and sharing proceeds, complainants one and three returned to Nyanga, leaving the four accused in Harare.

On March 27, 2021 at around midnight, the accused persons drove to Nyanga using a silver ML Mercedes-Benz and proceeded to complainant one, Slyvester Makandwa and to the residence of Sharon Makandwa (husband and wife). The accused persons knocked at the dining door.

The complainant woke up and opened the door and the accused demanded money from them.

They were allegedly given US$300, and the accused started assaulting the complainant with open hands and a baton until he went to the bedroom and collected another US$850.

The accused allegedly went to several other victims’ homes, where they beat up their victims and demanded money. The total amount they collected during the robberies was US$1 245.

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