Surprise Birthday Party Gone Wrong As Husband Exposes Wife’s Infidelity

The Exposed Wife Martha Mashizha (Photo credit H-Metro)

Surprise Birthday Party Gone Wrong As Husband Exposes Wife’s Infidelity:

There was drama in Glen View after a frustrated husband exposed his wife’s infidelity during a “surprise birthday party” where her relatives were gathered.

It is reported that Martha Mashizha was recently sent packing by her husband Tafadzwa Alimoso, a haulage truck driver, after being exposed for cheating with their neighbour, Danmore Matika.

The Exposed Wife Martha Mashizha (Photo credit H-Metro)

Mashizha was forced to leave the family house in Glen View without her belongings and her relatives were reported to have followed in shame.

According to H-Metro, Matika a businessman based at Glen View Area 8 Complex, confirmed sending love messages to Mashizha, he told the publication that he has realized that Mashizha was also seeing four other men following the incident.

Matika also confirmed that Mashizha’s husband exposed their messages but the latter has not yet confronted him.

Alimoso’s brothers and sisters allegedly teamed up to beat up Matika’s workers after they came to his workplace and could not locate him.

It is recorded that the brothers and sisters deflated his vehicle tyres and Matika said he is yet to lodge a police report against them since they are now facing assault charges against his workers.

A visit to Alimoso’s place saw him in a meeting with his relatives that included his mother and he confirmed the story.

The accused who is a mother of four, could not be reached for comment and was reported to have been taken to her village.

One of the neighbours had no kind words for Alimoso, who would lie to his wife that he had gone to work for days although she made it clear she was not in support of Mashizha’s infidelity.

“No, we do not support Mashizha’s illicit affair, but Alimoso has been taking days claiming to be at work leaving his wife sex-starved.

“We need our husbands close to us daily,” she said.

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