Strange Husband gets 20 years Imprisonment For Setting Wife, Wife Sister and Daughter ablaze.

Mangwe Incident
man sets hut on fire

Strange Husband Gets 20 Years Imprisonment For Murder

Strange Husband Sets Hut On Fire( file photo)

In a strange and sad update, a man from Chawaura Village under Chief Chiweshe in Centenary was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, after setting a hut in which his wife, her sister and daughter were sleeping in.

Appearing before Justice J. Musakwa, Nicholas Damota denied the claim that he is responsible for the death of his daughter Modester.

After the story narration, the court learned that the accused had all the intentions to kill his daughter.

“In the present case, the two aggravating factors are that the offence was premeditated and that the victim was a minor,” said Justice Musakwa. He said he had discretion regarding imposition of the death penalty, but found that Damota had problems with his wife, Evernice Kasiyabvumba, after he assaulted her for attending a traditional dance without informing him and returning home late.

According to a local publication the Herald, The couple’s story was traced back to September 10, 2013, when Damota and his wife engaged in a fight and the wife sought refuge at her parent’s house.

The accused is reported to have appeared before village head and was fined 2 chickens for not respecting his in-laws. He later asked to get his family back and unfortunately, his wife Kasiyabvuma refused to go.

It is this incident that led Damota to come back to his in-law’s homestead at night eventually setting the hut on fire in which his wife, her sister and his daughter were sleeping in.

Upon escaping Damota is said to have attempted to strike his wife and her sister with an axe. Their minor child did not survive and Damota was later found and arrested while hiding in some gardens in the village.

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