Shocking Update: Is This Really Tapiwa Makore’s Skull?

Tapiwa Makore's Skull

Shocking Update: Is This Really Tapiwa Makore’s Skull?

A Harare man has admitted to conning the father of the murdered Murehwa boy Tapiwa Makore, of money he wanted to use in hiring a car to Malawi to track the missing head of his child.

Prince Gerald Mukumba admitted to duping Mr Munyaradzi Makore of $4 500 and US$125 he paid him towards hiring the car to travel to Malawi.

Mukumba told Harare magistrate Mr Sheunesu Matova that he failed to secure the car for Mr Makore because of the Covid-19 national lockdown.

“I was given the money to hire the car to travel to Malawi, but failed because of the lockdown,” he said.

According to a report by a local publication, The Herald the matter has been briefly stood down for plea recording.

Meanwhile, so many people were left with questions concerning an update by the ZRP police that the skull which was previously said to be someone else’s is now Tapiwa Makore’s.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has confidently announced DNA test results for an old skull which the police says belongs to the late 7-year-old Tapiwa Makore

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday confirmed the latest DNA test results saying:

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms that communication has been made with the late Tapiwa Makore’s family in connection with the DNA results which were conducted by AIBST DNA Testing Centre and National University of Science and Technology.

“The DNA results showed that the jaw, tooth and limb were a direct match to the torso. All other details concerning the case will be revealed once trial proceedings are in motion,” he added

According to Zimeye News, Makore family lawyer Ms Tabitha Chikeya, was quoted by the state broadcaster, ZBC, yesterday that it was impossible for the head to belong to Makore given it was found about three days after his death but did not look new.

She called for further DNA tests. Tapiwa’s mother, Ms Linda Munyori, also told The Herald last night that the family disagreed with the DNA results.

“It is true that we do not agree with the results. The head didn’t have a scalp and looked a bit old, and resembling that of a 12-year-old or 13-year-old child. Our child was seven years old.

Two doctors concurred that it was not our son’s head,” she said.

Zimeye posted on their Twitter page the controversial story on the late 7-year-old skull and many twimbos have been posing the same sentiments concerning the new update.

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