Shocking update from Zimuto Killing: Father Confirms The Cousin Who Killed His Son Is Not Mentally Ill

uncle kills nephew
uncle kills nephew

Shocking update from Zimuto Killing: Father Confirms the cousin who killed his son is not mentally ill

Another ritual murder from Zimuto, the father of the 9-year-old boy who was recently murdered in yet another ritual killing testified that he doubts that the accused is not mentally ill.

Trevor Mapxashike (also known as Mapwashike) was killed by his uncle Clever Chitiga (22) who then shaved his head before cooking it.

Chitiga (the accused) is said to be a cousin to Henry Mapwashike (48), Trevor’s father and their homesteads are a few metres apart.

The deceased came from a family of five children with him being the third born and was doing Grade 2 at Matova Primary School. In an interview with The Herald on Tuesday, Henry said:

“I almost collapsed, after forcing the door to one of his rooms, open. A trail of blood, which we believed to be my son’s, led us to his head which was being stewed in a big pot.

The door had been locked from inside and I had to gain entry through the window and opened it from inside.

My mother, who accompanied me to Clever’s homestead, used a stick to shove the head so that we could properly see what was in the pot and to our shock, it was my son’s head which was being stewed.

He had shaved it using a broken beer bottle and pounded it with a pestle and mortar.

He also comments on Trevor’s behaviour that he was an intelligent and obedient boy. Trevor was staying with his grandfather because his father had remarried.

Henry confused to not holding any hard feelings towards his brother for murdering his son, but appeals for his family to unite and get to the bottom of the story. He feels there is an evil spirit that needs to be cleansed.
The deceased’s father also commented on how his brother had run away after being asked about Trevor’s whereabouts.

“I believe there was juju at play because from what I know, Clever never had a history of mental illness.

In fact, his discreetness and the way he tried to conceal evidence of his diabolic act smacks of someone who is mentally stable.

… I can not eat food, I am still unable to look at cooked meat after what I saw. I am relieved that we were able to bury my son today (yesterday) at Gokomere Mission cemetery.

The pot, which he was using to cook my son’s head, was taken by the police together with the pestle and mortar, which will be used as exhibits in court.

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