Shocker: Woman pours hot cooking oil on boyfriend’s private parts

Shocker: Woman pours hot cooking oil on boyfriend’s private parts:

In a tragic turn of events,  woman identified as Melody Mashonga, 25 years of age from Victoria Ranch in Masvingo was sentenced to three years in jail after she had poured hot cooking oil on her boyfriend Emmanuel Cheure.

Mashonga appeared before Magistrate Bishard Chineka at Masvingo Magistrate.

In her court testimony, she told the court that she poured hot cooking oil on Emmanuel Cheure because they were having some problems in their relationship. She also told the court that she was frustrated by her boyfriend’s responses.

The incident is reported to have occurred in Victoria Ranch at Melody Mashonga’s house after Cheure refused to eat a meal she had offered him saying the food was rotten and was producing an awful smell. Appearing for the State, Nixon Chamisa said:

According to a local publication Pindula, The accused then went outside of the house, took a pot which was filled with hot cooking oil and poured it all on Cheure who sustained severe burns on the neck, chest, abdomen and also his private parts.

Cheure then ran for his dear life outside the house and started asking for help. He was then rushed to Masvingo General Hospital by well-wishers. A Police report was then made which eventually led to the arrest of Melody Mashonga.

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