Shocker: Nyanga Man Appears After Being Presumed Dead For A Week

Lovemore Chitindo( Photo credit Manicapost)

Shocker: Nyanga Man Appears After Being Presumed Dead For A Week

In a shocking update from Nyanga, a man who had been presumed dead by his family pulled left people tongue-tied when he made an appearance almost a week later.

Manicapost reports that a traditional healer had claimed that Chatindo had died at the hands of a local businessman, Cossy Samanyika, who had reportedly used his blood for ritual purposes.

He also claimed that he had seen Chatindo in his dreams and he pleaded to be rescued as he was in pain, with four litres of blood having been drawn from his body.

The traditional healer also claimed that Chatindo’s body had been dumped in a gulley.

However, when Chatindo resurfaced after New Year, he looked pale, prompting fellow Nyamaropa villagers, under Chief Saunyama’s area, to suspect that he was a ghost that had made a rare visit.

Chatindo’s resurfacing brought business to a halt as scores of villagers sought to catch a glimpse of the “dead man’s resurrection”.

Although Chatindo is still alive, he hardly recalls what transpired on the day of his disappearance.

Surprisingly, when Chatindo was taken to the hospital after he was picked up by Good Samaritans in Mutoko, about 300km from his home, doctors diagnosed that he had lost a lot of blood and that he needed an urgent blood transfusion.

It is not yet clear what happened to him when he went missing that week. Businessman Samanyika denies taking part in any rituals. He says the allegations had affected his business to a great extent.

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