Shocker: Another Venomous Cobra Snake Found At Mvuma General Hospital

Snake Found At Mvuma Hospital

Shocker: Another Venomous Cobra Snake Found At Mvuma General Hospital:

In a bizarre development, a venomous cobra was seen and killed at Mvuma General Hospital on Sunday afternoon, the second big snake to be killed at the health service centre in a space of a month.

According to a local publication Masvingo Mirror, Mvuma District Medical Officer, Dr Simbarashe Maunga confirmed the incident but dismissed reports that the snake was seen inside the hospital.

Meanwhile, other sources said the snake was seen near the female ward and there was a commotion as patients and nurses ran for their lives.

A brave general hand at the hospital took aim at the reptile and struck it once on the head thereby killing it instantly.

“It’s true that there is a snake that was seen and killed here. However, it is untrue that it was in the hospital. Someone must have killed the snake and then taken pictures of it from one of the corridors,” said Dr Maunga.

However, ZimParks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo reported that snakes are rarely found in clean, clear environments, eventually leaving people in question as to where the snake came from.

“No snake will creep into a clean, clear environment. We urge the public to keep their surroundings clean by practicing good waste management and cutting grass around their environs. “You won’t find snakes where there are no hideouts. It is also advisable to use snake repellents or to use indigenous remedies to keep reptiles away from institutions and homes,” said Farawo

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