Shocker: Another Reptile Found At Chiredzi Hospital

Reptile At Chiredzi Hospital

Shocker: Another Reptile Found At Chiredzi Hospital:

In a shocking update, a python, weighing 40kgs and stretching 4 metres was captured on Wednesday morning by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) rangers after it was found in a maternity ward at Chiredzi District Hospital.

According to NewZimbabwe, the deadly snake was discovered by hospital staff who believed it sought refuge in the facility to escape from the heavy rains that pounded the area the night before.

Shockingly, the incident which left patients mystified comes barely three weeks after a huge crocodile was found in a male ward at the same hospital.

The presence of the two reptiles has left people wondering how they found their way into the hospital yard which is in the middle of the town.

Many people have suspected the use of black magic while the more superstitious residents were quick to suggest the python was either “owned” by one of the patients admitted at the hospital or someone who was using juju (black magic) who died at the same hospital and left behind his or her tools of the trade.

A similar case occurred in Shurugwi when a crocodile was found in the locked house of a late headmaster, most villagers were left in a state of shock. Human-wildlife conflict has been on the top list with some even getting attacked.

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