Reasons Why Most Men Dump Their Lady For Another Woman

Have you ever wondered why a man would work so hard to get a lady, promise her the world, treat her like a queen, and then when he gets her — he treats her the same way for a while — just for a while, and then it seems like the law of diminishing marginal utility begins to step in — in the sense that the more he sees that same woman he once adored, the lesser he wants to be with her; and just before she knows it, another lady becomes the apple of his eyes.

What’s the cause of this most times? Why do a lot of men keep playing this scene over and over again?

Well, let’s find out some reasons why:


When a man sees a beautiful woman, he craves for her, he feels like she’s just perfect — and that’s the first real problem. When he then gets her and finds she’s just like every other human, with her flaws too, he could get disenchanted and leave if he sees another woman who might satisfy his illusion.


This is one usual scenario, but most times ladies don’t know when it happens to them. Some honest facts about men are: the fact he treats you like a queen doesn’t mean you’re his queen, the fact he says he loves you don’t actually mean he does, and the fact you think you guys are in a relationship don’t mean you are in a relationship. So in this situation, you never had him, even though you thought you did; so leaving you for another woman would always come up in this situation.


How many men have loved a woman sincerely for who she is, but then couldn’t keep up with her nagging, complaining, anger, pride, jealousy, esteem issues and a whole lot? A lot of men have been through this, and in the long run, it builds a certain irritation in him. At this stage, it’s easy for him to find solace in another woman, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if he leaves for her.


When a man isn’t ready, he isn’t ready, and there is little to nothing you can do about that. For a man that’s scared of commitment, when he sees the relationship is getting too serious, he might bail — for no other reason but for the fear of commitment, and he might move to one who isn’t ready to commit.


In this situation, the lady doesn’t even need to do anything wrong, but the man would just know that he doesn’t really have a future with her; he cares about her but doesn’t see a future with her, so he’s only serious with her just for the moment, till he sees the woman who matches who he wants to have a future with.


Sometimes it’s the changes in the woman that causes withdrawal from the man; in the sense that she stopped doing what she used to do when they started dating, or she stopped being who she used to be. The lady might not even be aware of this, but the man would deem it that she’s changing for the worse. Not every man knows how to really communicate with his partner, and if he’s that type of man, withdrawing from that woman would be his next step.


A loss of attraction accounts for a major reason why a man leaves his lady for another. Attraction and a loss of it accounts for what draws a man to a woman and also what takes him away. When he’s attracted to you, your company is usually cherished, but the moment he starts losing that attraction, it could be for another person.

These eight factors account for a lot of the reasons why most men leave their women.

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