Prophet Madungwe On It Again: ” Soul Jah Love is in God’s Hands”

Prophet Madungwe On It Again: ” Soul Jah Love is in God’s Hands”

The controversial self-proclaimed Prophet Talent Madungwe never cease to amaze people with his heavenly claims. The self-styled man of the cloth has once again made claims this time around regarding Zimdancehall chanter Soul Jah Love’s current status.

Prophet Madungwe posted on his Instagram page claiming that there was no need to worry about the late Soul Jah Love as he is currently in good hands. He posted that the Soul Jah Love was going through a small process before he can start his work as an angel.


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Prophet Madungwe who for most times refers to himself as the “Heavenly Army Commander” has stirred yet another controversy by his claims, leading to social media users questioning his sanity once again.

The Prophet stands undefeated as he continues to make claims. A few years back he made headlines when he claimed that he frequently travels to heaven where he holds meetings with God. He claims to have seen God face to face and that God visited his homestead.
Just Last year following the death of socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure in a horror car crash, he made headlines again when he insisted that the late socialite/ businessman Ginimbi who died in a freak car accident was denied entrance into heaven. However, flamboyant US-based prophet Passion Java refuted the claims saying Ginimbi was in heaven enjoying his life.
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