Prominent Chiredzi Doctor Kills Children, Attempts Suicide

Man Kills Wife

Prominent Chiredzi Doctor Kills Children, Attempts Suicide

Neighbours of the prominent Chiredzi Doctor, Dr William Phiri were left in a great state of shock after he allegedly killed his two children with a knife before trying to commit suicide on Sunday

Two of Phiri’s(56) children who survived the gruesome attack are reportedly battling for their lives at Chiredzi District Hospital.

The prominent Chiredzi Doctor is being treated at the same hospital where his children are admitted for injuries he sustained when he tried to commit suicide.

According to the Herald, Dr Phiri went into a fit of violent and uncontrollable anger killing Princess (3) and Victor (7 months) and injuring Ropafadzo (6) and Themba (4) after he had a dispute with his wife.

The dispute is alleged to have started when Phiri did not return home on New Year’s Eve.

When he returned home he ordered his wife to wash his filthy clothes, the wife is said to have refused and told him to take the clothes to his girlfriend for washing

This triggered Phiri’s anger thus launching a vicious attack on his family, his wife reportedly fled to a friend’s house for safety.

Dr Phiri then locked his four children and himself in the house and stabbed the helpless children with a knife, knocked them on the floor before setting the house on fire.

Mr Crispen Tongogara, Dr Phiri’s neighbour narrated the sequence of the acutely distressing events that took place on Sunday evening at UB 12 Admin Mkwasine Estates (Phiri’s homestead).

Mr Tongogara said he was still in shock considering that Dr Phiri was a quiet sober man who adored his family.

He (Dr Phiri) was a teetotaller whom I never saw drinking any form of alcohol including even wine. He also did not smoke and was a very quiet guy. A typical family man.

What he did was unbelievable because he was a professional man who offered help to patients at the nearby Mkwasine Clinic. He was also into cane farming.

I knew Dr Phiri as a well-behaved man and I am still in shock.

I was a little bit surprised and became suspicious because of Mrs Phiri’s movements on Sunday. She seemed unsettled and restless and was making many movements at the home but we just thought it was just like any other day,” said Mr Tongogara.

Tongogara said on Sunday evening he saw Phiri driving his tractor on his farm and they greeted each other.

However, that evening Mr Tongogara and other neighbours rushed to Dr Phiri’s farm to investigate after they heard people screaming and seeing smoke coming from the house.

We discovered that Dr Phiri’s house was on fire but the doors were locked from inside so I actually led in forcing one of the doors open to rescue those trapped inside, Mr Tongogara said.

When the rescuers managed to break down the door they found two dead bodies lying in a pool of blood and rescued the other two including Dr Phiri who was unconscious and naked.

Two of the children were still alive and we rushed them to Mkwasine Clinic.

While we were trying to pull out property with others trying to put out the fire, Dr Phiri regained consciousness and we discovered that he had a pistol as he ran back into the inferno screaming that he wanted to die because he was suffering.

When he got out of the house, we tried to subdue him but we later stopped as we feared he would fire at us.

He started walking towards a nearby cane field still naked and crying repeatedly that he must be allowed to die as he was suffering, he said.

Dr. Phiri was found in the can field at around 10 pm by the Police and volunteers.

He was naked and had stab wounds on his chest and burns on his feet.

He could have shot himself dead but when his pistol was found in the mud it was jammed.


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