Prominent Actress And Television Personality Tino Katsande And Siblings Barred From Father’s Funeral By Stepmother

Tino Katsande Barred From Father’s Funeral

Prominent Actress And Television Personality Tino Katsande And Siblings Barred From Father’s Funeral By Stepmother:

Prominent actress and television personality Tinopona Katsande well known for her role on Studio 263 as Joyce and her siblings were reportedly barred from attending the funeral of their late father Chief  Nyamukohwo (real name Samson Katsande) in Mutoko last week.

Tino Katsande’s father Chief Nyamukohwo real name Smason Katsande died last week after a long illness at the old age of 89 and was buried in Mutoko.

According to the Zim Morning report, a bitter war of inheritance between the late chief’s second wife Dorcas and children from his first marriage has been ragging on even when the Chief was still alive.

Dorca’s relationship with her 5 stepchildren had deteriorated to the extent that she kept the Chief’s worsening health condition a secret.

The relationship between Chief Nyamukohwo’s children from her first wife with Dorcas was messy

She wanted to shut them out of the running of the family business which includes at least fifty shops including the famous green complex at Murehwa Centre (Mapereke Complex). They even took each other to court.

So the children all knew his condition and constantly checked on him but when he eventually died, Mbuya Dorcas did not inform them about his worsening condition and even his death, revealed a source who is a close family member.

Chief Nyamukohwo left behind a vast business empire that includes over 50 shops, properties in Harare, Marondera, Murehwa and Mutoko.

When his first wife died he married a young wife Dorcas who is the same age(42) as Tino who was born in 1979.

Tino and her siblings are alleged to have resented their stepmother due to her young age and tried to clip her wings accusing her of manipulating their father who was suffering from advanced dementia.

Dorcas fought back and successfully applied for a peace order against one of Tino’s brother – Rukariro.

The respondent is ordered not to visit 273 Mutoko, not to approach or visit Chitangazi Clinic Farm, Mapereke Farmer’s shop, Mapereke Children’s Ministries, Chitora Farm and Murewa Complex, read part of the peace order that was granted on 20 June last year.

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