Police Updated: Baby “Killed” By Police While Assaulting Mother DID NOT Die,

Police Updated: Baby “Killed” By Police While Assaulting Mother DID NOT Die:

Police update: In a horrific incident that was reported to have claimed the life of a toddler yesterday in Harare while a police officer was assaulting a woman has recently been reported by the police to be false.

In a statement issued by Zimbabwe Republic Police, they have denied claims that a toddler died last night after a mother was attacked by an overzealous officer.

The incident which occurred on Monday is said to have claimed the life of a toddler after a police officer struck the toddler who was strapped to his mother’s back with his button stick. The police officer was reported to have been patrolling Second Street, near Bindura bound commuter rank in Harare.

The baby who is reported to be 9-months-old was said to have died instantly, following injuries sustained in the attack.

A video went viral on all social media platforms yesterday showing the grieving mother holding the dead baby in one hand while pulling the seemingly terrified police officer in the other.

However, According to a local publication iHarare, fresh police reports suggested that after investigations were made the reports which were made yesterday that claimed that the baby was killed were false.

The police reported that an officer enforcing traffic duties at that area struck a kombi and fragment of the windscreen hit both the baby and the mother.

The incident resulted in members of the public attacking a police officer accusing him of hurting the child.

The police then took the mother and her child to West End Clinic where medical checks revealed that they were both fine and there were no injuries sustained.

Below is a full statement:

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