Police Dismiss Claims Of Killing A Man In A Holding Cell

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Police Dismiss Claims Of Killing A Man In A Holding Cell:

Police have dismissed claims made by a family in Gweru that accused them to have killed a man in a holding cell.

Police yesterday denied the charge, saying the deceased, Tatenda Pasinyore Nyale, of Mtapa, Gweru, died in a cell after injuring himself while trying to flee from custody.

Police Dismiss Claims Of Killing A Man In A Holding Cell (Photo Credit The Chronicle)

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the death, but denied that the man was killed by police.

“People should desist from blaming police where there is no evidence at all.

It’s not necessary to create hatred for the police because investigations are pointing to other causes of death.

“Police reacted to a call where a man was stoning houses and gates.

“They attempted to arrest this man, who was very violent and evasive, but he scaled walls and fell from one gate.

“He rose and continued running away from the law officers,” he said.

Nyathi said Nyale was eventually arrested and found in possession of drugs, whose influence he was under.

“We have witnesses who saw him attacking police and scaling walls. Eventually he was arrested and put in cells where there were two other people. He became sick and called for help,” he said.

Nyathi said the man was then taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

“We are asking people to allow investigations to take their course and not stir public emotions,” he said.

Nyale’s relatives and neighbours insist that he was a victim of police brutality and even went on to post on social media.

“The Mutapa residents’ group wants to advise you that Tatenda Pasinyore Nyale was bludgeoned to death by the police.

“They are refusing us permission to view his remains and we don’t know what to do,” posted a woman on social media.

Yesterday residents of Gweru launched a website called “Justice for Nyale”, where they are petitioning against police brutality.

It is understood that Nyale met his fate when he was approached by a group of policemen enforcing COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The relatives alleged that the police asked him what he was doing outside, after which they beat him until his death.

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