O’Level Girl’s Dreams Shattered After Getting Married To A Chief In Chipinge

O’Level Girl’s Dreams Shattered After Getting Married To A Chief In Chipinge

Chipinge Chief Mahenye (34), who is heading one of the largest chieftainships allegedly shattered an O’Level girl’s dreams and academic career.

According to Masvingo Mirror, the girl whose name was not disclosed was studying at Maheya school. Chief Mahenye whose real name is Thomas Jojo did not hide the story as he confirmed to have married the girl on Saturday.

The girl’s studies were being sponsored by FACT, a child rights organisation because of school fees constraints. She was supposed to be sitting for six subjects and had by the time she got married written five.

The girl was staying with her grandmother and has since left home in Mahenye to start living at the Chief’s homestead in the same village.

Chief Mahenye said that he married the girl because his wife had left him after disagreements with her over a mistress that he has a child within Checheche.

Some villagers accused the chief of infidelity. They said that his wife left him because he wouldn’t sleep at home for many days.

“I married the local girl after my wife deserted me after she saw pictures of a woman, I have a child with in Checheche. It had been four months after my wife left and I had no option but to remarry,” said Chief Mahenye.

Social welfare, an organisation that protects child rights said child marriages are worrisome and should not be condoned.

When interviewed, Chipinge FACT official who preferred anonymity said,

“it is disheartening when things like that happen, however, they have other options that such pupils are given like part-time continuation with education or community apprenticeship.”

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