Now, Who Should People Listen To? Prophet Madungwe and Passion Java on Ginimbi’s Afterlife.

Ginimbi's After life

Now, Who Should People Listen To? Prophet Mdungwe and Passion Java on Genius Kadungure’s (Ginimbi) Afterlife.

Ginimbi’s Afterlife

The controversial Zim self-styled prophet Madungwe who is known for his weird claim that he holds a role in heaven and that he frequently makes visits to heaven, could not hold back commenting on the death of Ginimbi.

Talent Madungwe took out a video commenting that Genius Kadungure (Ginimbi’s) death led him straight to hell. He comments that during his lifetime Ginimbi was not serving God hence he is in hell.

According to a local publication ZWNews, Speaking to comrade Fatso in an interview on Magamba Tv, Madungwe commented that soon after death people go to either heaven or hell and that there is no remind in heaven.

“There are two places were people go soon after death either hell or heaven. said Madungwe. We do not have a remand in heaven, its a fake account and is trying to tarnish the image of the prophet. Ginimbi failed to qualify for heaven beacause he was not serving God.” he says.

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Meanwhile, Passon Java was recorded on Power FM saying he had a dream and Ginimbi was in heaven and was happy,

“Go tell Zimbabwean ndainamata inini (i was a prayer warrior), havangozvizive chete (it’s just that they don’t know about it) I am at a peaceful place I am in heaven right now, I am rejoicing with angels” said Passion Java

When asked about Madungwe’s view on Ginimbi’s afterlife, Passion Java refused to comment about it and that people should honour the death of Ginimbi. He also commented that he is happy that Ginimbi is in heaven.

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