Nothing For Free: Village Head Caught Having Sex With A Married Woman For Food Aid

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Nothing For Free: Village Head Caught Having Sex With A Married Woman For Food Aid:

People always say there is nothing for free and this applied to the case of a village head from Zaka who was abusing women in the name of giving them first preference on government or donor aid.

Village head Thomas Chikozho was last week dragged to Chief Nyakunhuwa’s court after he was caught red handed having sex with a married woman by the owner of the maize field who accused the two of having an affair.

According to iHarare, Chikozho is alleged to have abused his authority to gain sex from an 18-year-old married woman whom he coerced to sleep with him in exchange for preference on government or donor aid.

Acting Chief Nyakunhuwa born Courage Mashavave confirmed the matter which was brought to his court on Friday last week.

He, however, said he failed to rule over the case after the woman told the court that she was forced into the act by Chikozho. He said from the deliberations, he saw it as a rape case and referred the case to the police who are now treating the matter as a rape case.

According to a source privy to the matter,  the incident happened in February but was only reported to the chief in March because the woman’s husband was away.

The husband of the victim, who is said to work in Masvingo, went to Zaka and was informed about the alleged affair before reporting the case to Chief Nyakunhuwa.

The source also revealed that Chikozho had sex with the victim on different occasions but luck ran out when they did it in their neighbor’s maize field.

It is said the victim had sex with Chikozho after he promised her first preference whenever aid comes.

Meanwhile, after a report was made at the police station, the police opened their investigations and charged Chikozho with rape.
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