No Sex For Free As In-Laws “Reclaim” Daughter & 3 Kids From Mukwasha For Failing To Pay Lobola

No Sex For Free As In-Laws

No Sex For Free As In-Laws “Reclaim” Daughter & 3 Kids From Mukwasha For Failing To Pay Lobola:

An unlucky Bulawayo man was thoroughly beaten by his in-laws for failing to pay lobola for their daughter despite having 3 children and staying with her for 10 years. As if the beating was not enough, the irate in-laws also took away the man’s wife and 3 children saying that he needs to get his act together.

The in-laws also accused Hlebiso Ndlovu from Northvale suburb of infecting his wife Patience Zifodya with a sexually transmitted infection (STIs).

All the details came out when Ndlovu dragged his mother-in-law Lorinah Zifodya from Queens Park West to court where he applied for a protection order.

According to B-Metro Ndlovu told the court that,

“I am applying for a protection order against Lorinah Zifodya who is my mother-in-law. She is violent against me, my children and wife. On 6 October last year, she came to my house and took my wife and three children because I had not paid lobola.

“She teamed up with her husband Richard Zifodya and assaulted me at the police station. While assaulting me my mother-in-law was shouting on top of her voice accusing me of not paying lobola and infecting her daughter with an STI. This was because I had demanded that my wife and children should come and stay with me,”

However, the mother-in-law furiously denied all the allegations made against her and her husband saying that the issue was not about lobola. She argued that her son-in-law’s relationship with his wife was fractured and that Patience had moved out with the children of her own volition.

Lorinah also argued that Ndlovu is trying to get custody of the children following his unsuccessful court application last year. She accused her son-in-law of being irresponsible and of failing to support his children.

The application was however dismissed and the Presiding Magistrate said there was no need for a protection order. She advised Ndlovu to apply for custody at the Juvenile Court instead.

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