Mysterious Lighting Strike Four Villagers While Drinking Beer.

Mysterious Lighting Strike Four

Mysterious Lighting Strike Four Villagers While Drinking Beer:

In a tragic turn of events, four men were last week struck by a mysterious bolt of lightning in Makonde while drinking beer.

The four villagers, namely Stewart Phiri, Shadreck Bvudzijena, and brothers Tongai Gandiwa and Shine Gandiwa were struck by lightning in the afternoon while drinking beer under a musau tree.

Shine Gandiwa is reported to have survived while Phiri, Bvudzijena, and Tongai Gandiwa were pronounced dead upon arrival at a local clinic.

Mashonaland West Provincial Police Spokesperson Inspector Magret Chitove confirmed the incident which happened at Mhembwechena Shopping Centre in Makonde.

According to the  H-Metro, Shine Gandiwe said on the fateful day of the incident he and his now late brother Tongai had gone to the shopping center to drink beer and upon arrival at the shopping centre, they bought Super beer and went to sit under a musau tree to drink their beer.

He said Phiri and Bvudzijena later joined them.

Shine reported that out of nowhere a bolt of lightning struck them as they were enjoying their beer. After they were struck by lightning, a good Samaritan who was nearby when the incident happened ferried them to Kenzamba Clinic.

He, however, claimed he doesn’t remember what happened next after that. Shine said he woke up the next day and found himself in the clinic with bandages.

Sadly, Tongai Gandiwa, Phiri, Bvudzijena were pronounced dead upon arrival at Kenzamba Clinic. They sustained visible burns all over their bodies.

Meanwhile, Shine escaped death by a whisker as he was only injured on his left leg and right arm.

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