My Parents Deserved To Die: Prodigal Son who Murdered Parents Speaks.

Mangwe Murders Motivated

My Parents Deserved To Die: Prodigal Son who Murdered Parents Speaks.

The prodigal son from Mangwe District in Plumtree, who allegedly murdered his parents in cold blood and set fire to a hut with their bodies, has declared that his parents deserved to die.

The accused Lisani Nleya (45) was arrested on Sunday for the gruesome murder of his parents.

Lisani confessed to the police that he killed his father, 83-year-old Nicholas Nleya, and his mother Margaret (78) in September last year saying they deserved to die for bewitching him.

Shackled in leg irons and handcuffs, Lisani Nleya appeared heartless as he narrated how he carried out the cold killing as he led the police on indications at the homestead.

Lisani Nleya during indications (Photo Credit; The Chronicle)

Narrating the sad details about how he had committed the gruesome murders, Lisani revealed he had sneaked onto his parents’ homestead, after almost 15 years without setting foot there.

He barged into his parents’ bedroom and demanded money from them. His mother responded by offering him R200, which he dismissed as he deemed the amount to be too little. However, his mother insisted that she did not have any more money as she had just used all the money to pay for a doctor’s check-up.

In a murderous rage, Lisani attacked his parents and threw three petrol bombs inside the room. He said the first bomb ignited the house and provided light for him to aim at his targets with the second petrol.

He went on to say that the third bomb is the one that did the greatest damage, as it blew up part of the house, shook the ground, and threw him some meters away resulting in a leg injury.

Lisani then fled from the scene and used a bicycle, which he had hidden earlier to cycle about 90km to Figtree before getting a lift that took him to Bulawayo.

According to the forensic reports and a post-mortem the elderly couple may have been axed or stabbed to death before being set alight.

Villagers who spoke to a local publication The Chronicle on Monday revealed that Lisani was the black sheep of the family who had cut ties with his family and had not communicated with them in 15 years.

Some villagers alleged that on a number of occasions, Lisani threatened to kill his parents whom he accused of bewitching him and stunting his personal success.

Lisani was arrested on Sunday after returning from South Africa. He appeared in court yesterday.

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