Mutare Thief Forced To Drink A Concoction Of Herbs And Pubic Hair After Being Caught Stealing.

Thief Forced To Drink Pubic Hair

Mutare Thief Forced To Drink A Concoction Of Herbs And Pubic Hair After Being Caught Stealing:

An angry mob forced in Mutare has forced a daring, habitual thief to drink a concoction of herbs and pubic hair after catching him red-handed stealing.

The habitual thief who was identified as Liberty Muchagumisa and who claims to be invisible when he commits a crime was last week caught red-handed as he left a victim’s house in Chikanga Suburb.

According to Manica Post,  on the day of the incident, Muchagumisa arrived at a Chikanga house soon after the house owner only identified as Martha had left for church last week on Friday.

He is reported to have dressed in Martha’s clothes and stuffed some clothes inside the ones he was wearing to make them look like hips and breasts.

Muhagumisa, prepared himself a meal on the fire outside the house, performed some house chores and left the house.

However, luck ran out for him when he was intercepted by alert neighbours on his way out while still wearing Martha’s clothes.

After close scrutiny, his weird dressing sold him out as neighbours realized that he was not Martha.

Muchagumisa was cornered, people searched Martha’s yard and discovered cups filled with a concoction that looked like blood. The cups were placed close to the gate and door. Pubic hair was also found close to both cups.

The angry mob demanded to know what was in the cups. That is when he revealed that those were the herbs he uses to avoid detection at crime scenes. He also told them that he mixes his pubic hair with the herbs.

Scared residents had hesitated to attack him after he claimed that he uses juju to sneak in and out of people’s houses without being dictated but among the scared ones were the daring residents who forced him to drink the concoction made with pubic hair.

He is lucky to alive, as the police who were nearby swiftly moved in to save him from a thorough beating from the mob.

Muchagumisa is currently in police custody charged with theft and is expected to appear in court.

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