Mother killed Over School Children’s Drink.

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Mother killed Over School Children’s Drink:

In a tragic development, a Chinhoyi man is reported to have killed his wife to death on Thursday following a dispute about school children’s drink.

In a report from iHarare, the whole drama started when the man who has only been identified as Baba Ashy helped himself to the “drink” which was in the house. According to an eyewitness, this did not go down well with his wife, Mai Ashy, who remonstrated with him for drinking the cordial, which was reserved for the children to take to school as part of their packed lunches.

Baba Ashy as the father of the house felt disrespected and did not respond well to the criticism and a heated dispute ensued. Things quickly got out of hand and Baba Ashy took a knife and stabbed his wife.

According to Mai Ashy’s aunt, who was called to the crime scene, her niece was stabbed 3 times. She said that based on her observations, she was stabbed in the back and twice in the neck.

Another neighbour said that the dispute and the subsequent killing occurred in a very short space of time. She said that people barely had time to react from the moment they had the violent altercation to the moment Baba Ashy came inside with a bloody shirt. The neighbour said that at that moment, no one suspected that Baba Ashy had actually killed his wife.

Below is a video of some of the witnesses narrating the sorry events to ZiFM Stereo News

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