Moana’s burial to be decided by the High Court

Moana’s burial to be decided by the High Court:

Fitness bunny Michelle Moana Amuli’s burial is surrounded by conflicts and will not take place anytime soon as the two families are waiting on the high Court’s rule.

According to the Herald, Ms Yolander Kuvaoga represented by her lawyer Mr Jerome Madondo applied for and urgent chamber at the High court to cancel Moana’s burial order issued on November 18.

The application came as a way to prevent Moana’s Father Mr Ishmael Amuli from going against their agreement that Moana be buried at Zororo Cemetery.

The case was however deferred by Justice Pisirai Kwenda to Monday by consent of both parties’ lawyers.

The judge wants to hear from both sides before deciding on the dispute, he also wants Mr Amuli’s lawyer Mr Marcus Zvirahwa to file opposing papers.

“This matter is deferred to Monday 23rd of November 2020 at 3 pm which shall be the return date for this matter,” Justice Kwenda said.
“The first respondent(Amuli) shall file his notice of opposition by 9 am on Monday 23rd November 2020. The applicant and first respondent shall attend the hearing on Monday 23rd November 2020 to give oral evidence.”

Moana’s mother presented her founding affidavit in which she stated that they had agreed with Mr Amuli that their daughter will be laid to rest at Zororo Cemetery. He said Moana’s father later changed and said Moana would be buried according to the rights of the Islam.

Ms Kuvaoga also told the court that Moana was not even half attached to the Islam religion and this was evidenced by her lifestyle.

I do not wish or desire that anyone be excluded from the occasion on the basis of gender or creed as this goes against not only my sense of community according to custom but of the general persona of my deceased daughter who embraced everyone. The deceased was a popular personality with a huge following. Apparently, it would be unfair not only to me but to other people and relations who knew her personality,” she said.

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