3 High School Teachers Under Fire For Having Lula Lula With Pupils

Mkoba 3 High

Mkoba 3 High School Teachers Exposed In Se_xual Relations With Pupils

Mkoba 3 High

Three Mkoba 3 High School teachers have been put on suspension by the Ministry of Education amid allegations of having se_xual relations with pupils, one of them in form 1. The teachers were allegedly served with suspension letters last Thursday morning. Acting Midlands Provincial Education Director Mr Luke Matutu confirmed the suspensions to the Chronicle and said investigations were underway.


“Yes, I confirm that three male teachers at Mkoba 3 High School in Mkoba, Gweru, have been suspended from work pending investigations. But I have not received the documents from Gweru district on the alleged cases,” he said.

“These are allegations and it’s the Gweru District Schools Inspector (Mrs Angeline Zahile) who instituted an investigation. They are alleged to have been having se_xual relationships with their pupils.”


The team leading the investigation have stalled the process due to the national lockdown by the government as they try to contain Covid-19. According to sources, the school took measures to protect the pupils following numerous letters from concerned parents and other teachers.


“There were several anonymous letters sent to the District Schools Inspector alerting the Ministry about the alleged se_xual abuse of female pupils at the school.

The Ministry as you know doesn’t take lightly issues of this nature leading to their suspension,” said a source close to the matter.


The girls who turned down the salacious propositions from the teachers allegedly faced victimization as a result.



“We had a situation where girls have been complaining about abuse at the hands of male members of staff at the school.

It then becomes very difficult when the teachers start abusing anyone who would have turned down the love proposal.

Whatever the verdict from the investigation, we are definitely sure that some will be forced to change how they interact with the girl child,” said another source.


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