Marry Mubaiwa Appears In Court In A Wheelchair

In a sad update, Marry Mubaiwa was yesterday brought to court in an ambulance, carried into the building on a stretcher and moved into the courtroom on a wheelchair.

This was after a warrant of arrest was issued against her for failing to attend a court remand hearing. Marry is facing charges of attempted murder and externalising foreign currency.

The state let by Mrs Netsai Mushayabasa applied for the warrant of arrest. Before the issuance of the two arrest warrants Marry’s lawyer, Ms Beatrice Mtetwa had excused her client and explained that she was unable to be present for health reasons, Magistrate Nduna still went ahead and issued the two arrest warrants.

“Miss Mubaiwa is not well and couldn’t make it to court today. We are requesting if you could remand her in absentia. She is at home in bed.”

“We can stand it down so that we organize for an ambulance to bring her in court on a stretcher bed,” said Mtetwa told the court in the morning.

According to a local publication the Herald Mubaiwa is accused of attempting to kill VP Constantino Chiwenga when he was admitted in the hospital in South Africa and externalising of foreign currency.

Her case has on several occasions been deferred due to her illness.

Marry is, however, set to travel outside the country for medical attention and her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has applied that the matter is set for January 28 to enable her time to recover and seek medical attention.


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